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~ A Lesson To Rivers APC

Erudite Hon. Barr. Worgu Boms wrote:

The English language, which grew out of a sub-dialect of the German language, has become the world’s language with all its squirm and squirk!

Two examples:
1. A shotgun means the opposite of what the name implies!
It is actually a LONG, yes, long gun that fires a lot of small metal bullets (called shot) and used especially for shooting birds or animals.

2. The meaning of ‘Tomboy’, defines a kind of girl, not boy!
‘A tomboy is a young girl who enjoys activities and games that are traditionally considered to be for boys’.
Why they didn’t call her Tomgirl or call boys with the equivalent behavior Tomgirl, drives home the point we are making.

Despite all that, the Language has come to rule the whole world!

According to Bill Bryson, in his Book titled ‘Mother Tongue’, The Story of the English Language, “what immediately sets English apart from the other languages is its rich vocabulary”.
“Altogether, about 200’000 English words are in common use, more than in Germany, (184,000), and far more than in French (a mere 100,000).”

Bill Bryson, the famous author (if you read just one of his many books, you’ll beg to read anything he writes! Some persons are exceptionally gifted!!) then makes this valid conclusion based on the above:
“The richness of the English vocabulary and the wealth of available synonyms, means that English speakers can often draw shades of distinction unavailable to non English speakers “.

I agree!

Jules Feifer once drew a strip cartoon in which the down-at-heel character observed that:
“He was first called poor, then needy, then deprived, then underprivileged, and then disadvantaged and concluded that although he still didn’t have a dime, he sure had acquired a fine vocabulary!’ ”

This is one beauty of the English language, we cannot deny.
One thing, that same one thing, depending on the context, can be called a phenomenon or philosophy, or creed, or Spirit, or modus, or modus operandi, or modus vivendi, etc etc and you are still referring rightly, to that same one thing!

This is the beauty of English language, we cannot deny.
We take this beauty in English language for granted.
But when we remember that other notable languages lack this beauty, we should appreciate this beauty more .
The French, for instance, cannot distinguish between ‘house’ and ‘home’.
To us English speakers, we know of deep difference between the two.
The Spanish can’t differentiate a ‘chairman’ from ‘president. ‘
Italians have no equivalent of ‘wishful thinking’.

As one authority on the subject authoritatively observed; “English is the only language that has or needs books of synonyms like Roget’s Thesaurus.
Most speakers of other languages are not aware that such books exist.”

Thabo Mbeki studied Economics in London.
By all standards, he is well educated.
Nelson Mandela was a lawyer. He studied both at Forte Harry and Witts.
Both governed South Africa one after the other in quick succession.

Jacob Zuma is not in their class of the highly educated and urbane.
Zuma is not a university graduate.
Zuma was like a street boy involved in some kind of unionism with trade unions and ventured into politics where he became loved by the vast majority members of the party despite his contrasts to Mandela and Mbeki

When it was time to run for the presidency of South Africa under their party the ANC, Zuma made clear he was interested.

Left to Mandela and Mbeki, they would never allow him.
They would fight him to finish!
It was obvious.
It was clear.

You can watch the video of the ANC congress again and the speeches.

But it was also clear that Zuma, degree less and urbane-less, was the choice of the rank and file and hoipolloi of the party, the ANC and that without Zuma, the ANC would be politically imperilled!

“Should we oppose Zuma out of our own personal prejudices and lose the election, seeing that the people want him,’ Thabo and Mbeki reasoned.
They submerged their huge, personal, valid prejudices against Zuma and allowed the process and the people to decide and today, the ANC, is still politically thriving!

The duo of Mandela and Mbeki, like many South African politicians and political observers knew very well, that the ANC had a formidable racist enemy white party and group, waiting on the wings for the disintegration of the ANC to take over power.
They factored all these into their calculations on Zuma and decided not to suit themselves, but the party and its suffering blacks and members they had the burden of history to lead.

They didn’t go on to instigate the party Faithfuls against Zuma

They didn’t go to the public abusing Zuma as a drunkard or a tout

They didn’t even tell the public what it already knew about Zuma, that he was not as educated as they.

They didn’t go about publicly reminding the people how they, privileged and having governed, how when they were in office, they were chief benefactors to Zuma, the tout, who had no degree and how he would have died of hunger had not stepped in.

They didn’t even remotely suggest that the so-called uneducated Zuma was ungrateful for dreaming to be president which they, lawyer and London-trained Economists had been!

They wisely surrendered to the wishes of the people and the time for the sake of the much needed political survival of the ANC.

This attitude of Mandela and Mbeki towards Zuma and the ANC is the opposite of what played out against Andrew in the House of Reps.
Against the eponymous Andrew in Andoni.
Against the eponymous Andrew again and the APC Rivers in the gubernatorial.

What do you call it, knowing that the English language is rich in synonyms?
Is it ‘spirit’, ‘philosophy’ ‘Phenomenon’, ‘mentality’ ‘creed’, ‘misusing operandi’ ‘modus vivendi’ in APC Rivers (that is opposite to the spirit mentality etc etc that Mandela and Mbeki exhibited in ANC) that we should strive to exorcise in Rivers APC.
(I didn’t say ‘exercise’,
I said ‘exorcise’)

This is the crux of the matter in APC Rivers: not glib peace talks.

Not expectations of ministerial or other federal appointments Which must come, anyway.

How do we exorcise the spirit, the mentality, the philosophy, the modus ( whether operandi or vivendi), (add your own synonyms for which the English language is famously rich!) that politically hobbles the Andrews of APC Rivers, to the detriment of the entire party?

This is the crux of the matter.

Written by Alex Donald Ekuh-deezua

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How Individuals See Nigerian Artists

There are bunches of false impressions about artists. These misguided judgments exist even in instructed social orders the world over. While they apply to craftsmen by and large, our concentration here is with music.

One misinterpretation is that the performer must be a “destitute craftsman” and carry on with a poor way of life.

Music, much the same as some other calling, has the individuals who succeed monetarily and the individuals who don’t and those in the middle. You see affluent pop and demigods and you see buskers with containers in the city.

Financial achievement is autonomous of ability, and not really specific to any one industry either.

A fascinating thing to note is that music itself is really a moderately costly industry to the extent proficient artists like are concerned. Instruments and other gear in addition to their support and furthermore spaces can be very expensive.

Quality exercises, a vital speculation, are not actually modest.

All organizations have their overhead and working costs.

What’s more, doing music professionally falls into this class, along these lines it requires legitimate business sharpness and amazing monetary intending to guarantee dissolvability and suitability. You also check out some great Wizkid songs and Davido songs, What’s more, there are unquestionably proficient performers in this world who are not “starving” and doing fine and dandy.

Another bogus thought is that artists must be to some degree insane or insecure, and this has by one way or another become related with ability.

Ability remains solitary and is its own region.

Abusive people made this bogus idea with an end goal to hold imagination down. Anything great, ground-breaking and innovative undermines certain people whose solitary goal is to demolish.

This, by chance, clarifies the predominance of medications in shake music. It is altogether determined. Artists, since they are innovative and creative, are powerless and frequently focuses for concealment.

Performers, similar to some other person, have feelings and emotions. Since they are under greater judgment and assessment, for example, during rivalries or scholarly jury tests, they become progressively inclined to assaults by the individuals who utilize that as a road basically to hurt others, or by the individuals who are just coldhearted.

Opposing assessments between judges can likewise cause incredible disarray.

Being expressive, euphoric, insouciant and entertaining would all be able to go under the heading of inventiveness, so this also has likewise been dishonestly connected with being insane or hypochondriac.

Being genuinely uninhibited is for the most part disapproved of in our general public, where we are altogether expected to carry on with a specific goal in mind, similar to dairy cattle. At the point when a performer is in a supernatural minute, he may appear to be to some degree insane to a progressively standard individual.

A genuine model was an arranger who was strolling down the road and unexpectedly had a sparkle of innovativeness and he began “verbally processing” with his imaginative procedure, making musical hand and body motions.

Some bystanders may have thought there was a major issue with him, not understanding that he was just having a supernatural or inventive minute.

One regular paradox is that it is some way or another alright for a performer to play for nothing. The “pay to play” idea is tragically predominant. Would one request that a handyman come fix the sink for nothing? Not in the event that he needs to get his sink fixed.

In all honesty, an advertisement was put as of late in a specific classifieds segment from a café proprietor looking for a band to come perform at his eatery for nothing with the deficient trade of “advancing themselves and selling collections”. As senseless as this sounds, it is very normal. Music teachers as often as possible get requested free exercises.

While there is nothing amiss with doing humanitarian effort to help meriting oppressed people, that is unique. Would one approach a bookkeeper to do charges for nothing? Once more, same guideline.

Another off-base thought regarding performers is that their physical appearance, conduct or air must be irregular, unique or even strange. This gets forced a ton yet is superfluous. It is an erroneous propensity in numerous social orders. Picture is picture and unessential to show of ability.

It is additionally regularly imagined that artists are excessively touchy and sincerely delicate, who breakdown effectively under the weights of life. As referenced before, a performer, similar to some other person, has feelings and mental soundness or madness. Yet, in actuality, the artist has a specific preferred position, for music is additionally a strategy for mending and venting of injury and accordingly remedial to perform.

This causes an incredible road for help and by and large outcomes in more prominent mental and passionate security.

In any case, in spite of the considerable number of misrepresentations, the reality remains that performers are capable, causative and innovative creatures, and for the most part cherished, since the delight of music is extraordinary and gives life and magnificence.

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Website architecture Unveiled: 5 Little Known Truths

What Every Potential Client Should Know about Web Design

It has been my experience that with regards to website architecture, few individuals genuinely comprehend the substances related with the plan procedure. This isn’t on account of they do not have the office to comprehend it, it’s quite recently outside their domain of experience and, now and again, they are basically not keen on the specialized points of interest in website designers in nigeria of everything. In any case, as a website specialist, I trust it is to the greatest advantage of any individual who is searching for a website composition administration to know some essential and inevitable realities:web

1. Much the same as Most Things in Life, You Get What You Pay For

Your uncle’s cousin’s nephew is “all into that tech stuff,” and he said he could plan a site for you, and he does. At the point when he’s set, you contemplate internally, that doesn’t look half terrible. Presently, you see things aren’t functioning as they should, and perhaps you even get a call about copyright encroachment from some displeased invested individual. What seemed like a smart thought at first wound up being much the same as a costly looking watch that you may buy from some person in the city – it looks fine at first glance, however demonstrates its deformities before long. The lesson of this story was expressed in the strong print of this rundown thing. In the event that somebody is putting forth you a website composition benefit for barely anything, odds are solid that they won’t give the vital time and thoughtfulness regarding produce a quality item, which drives us to the following point.

2. A Professional Web Design Process Takes Time

To make a custom site that capacities accurately on all programs and stages, meets current web programming principles, and presents content successfully and professionally all through the whole site takes a lot of work and can’t be expert overnight. One reason for this leads us to our next truth.

3. It Takes Pages and Pages of Code to Make a Modern Website Function

Right tap on any page and select “View Page Source,” and you will see this shrouded truth. When you take a gander at a completed site, you are quite recently observing its gleaming external shell. Underneath all that clear effortlessness lies a mass of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and a large group of other web advancement innovations working in show to deliver the finished result. In that capacity, with regards to website composition one ought not pass judgment on a book by its cover; a site has substantially more to do than simply look beautiful.

4. Consider How You Would Like Your Website Look and About What Information You Would Like it to Convey

Having no less than a general thought regarding how you might want your site to look is an incredible thing. Investigate your rivals’ sites and take notes about what you like or don’t care for. Furthermore, consider the message you might want your site to present to its guests. Getting together with your own particular thoughts regarding hues, format, substance, and usefulness can significantly build the odds of your website specialist having the capacity to create a site that fulfills you on all levels.

5. All Web Browsers Render Websites Differently

Regardless of whether you get your site from the loftiest towers of New York City, or you employ a neighborhood website composition organization to address your issues, that site will be made through code. Each web program, regardless of whether it is Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari, deciphers that code in an unexpected way. To exacerbate the situation, diverse variants of those web programs will render a solitary website page in an unexpected way. To battle this, a website specialist needs to influence restrictive adaptations of that code trying to make the site to look as uniform as conceivable over every real program. This is a standout amongst the most difficult errands for a website specialist and takes a considerable measure of testing and time to pull off.

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Step by step instructions to Find A First Job in Nigeria

Regardless of whether you’re a youngster quite recently beginning, or and grown-up being compelled to go to work because of financial weight, you will discover one thing you have in like manner; absence of experience.

Try not to worry yet. This isn’t generally such an awful thing. It’s smarter to have no experience here and there. Yet, you should comprehend that any position you apply for is passage level. This is your opportunity to gain from your boss and improve as a representative.

With regards to a vocation, you should find that you receive in return what you put into it. By this I mean, the individuals who work the hardest and sharpest, typically profit. So with a specific end goal to buckle down and truly get something out of your first occupation, you truly need to make sense of what you need to do. What might you be upbeat doing?

I can disclose to you this. I have worked a few occupations when I was more youthful. These occupations didn’t pay much. In any case, I had a great time on these occupations that I would not like to clear out. I worked for a noteworthy retailer as a stocker on the floor. It was an impact. We were for the most part getting paid to mingle. Conveying pizzas is additionally extremely enjoyable to me. I adore collaborating with individuals in a situation in which everybody is upbeat. I want to work with individuals who have an extraordinary state of mind at work.

Gain from my slip-up. From the get-go, I cleared out those fun employments to profit and slave away in a production line. I profited yet I was hopeless. I abhorred my employment and it was diligent work. It took me years to discover that you should love what you do in case you’re going to go anyplace. So first of all…I need you…YES!, I mean YOU!…to close your eyes and think about a few spots you are aware of that you could without much of a stretch apply for an occupation. I mean places that you know are presumably enlisting. This could be retail locations, nourishment benefit, anything you can consider. I need you to imagine yourself doing each of these employments. Presently solicit yourself; “which from these occupations would truly make me glad?” If you’re straightforward with yourself, you’ll make sense of what kind of work you might want to do. This is the initial phase in finding a first occupation.

The second means to finding a first occupation is to look into business openings in your general vicinity. You can do this via looking through ordered promotions in daily papers and online to perceive what sorts of occupations are accessible in your general vicinity. Endeavor to discover employments that fit into what you envision you might want to do. I’m going to be straightforward with you. There are times when you should accept a position you couldn’t care less such a great amount about. Possibly you have charges heaping up or something. However, in the event that this is the situation, at that point take what you can get, yet remain concentrated on what you know you would truly love to do. Utilize it as an inspiration to get you on track to seek after your “glad occupation”. Presently I call the occupation that you might want to make a “cheerful showing with regards to.” The reason is on the grounds that when you locate that specific employment latest job vacancies in nigeria, you’ll be glad at work, as well as you’ll be upbeat all the time since you never need to fear going to work. When you like your occupation, going to work resembles heading off to a gathering. Anyway, in the event that you should accept a position you don’t care for, at that point utilize all the available time you can to seek after a vocation you will like.

On the off chance that you have a thought of what you might want to do, at that point the subsequent stage is begin systems administration to seek after your “cheerful employment.” If you can’t discover any relating positions accessible through classifieds and so on, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to get out the telephone directory. Better believe it, that is right…don’t surrender at this time. This is a little trap to stretching out beyond different candidates. So focus here!…lol…We all realize that each business needs to have workers. They all contract eventually. On the off chance that they’re not posting positions accessible in the daily paper or on the web, at that point don’t expect this is a terrible thing yet. You now have an open door. You have the chance to get out that telephone directory, call the imminent bosses, make a request to address the individual responsible for HR, a chief, or who ever does the employing. Make sure to give them your name, disclose to them you’re keen on working for their organization as a piece of the group. Make certain to inquire as to whether they are as of now procuring, and if not, at that point when might be a decent time to seek out them.

On the off chance that you call everybody in the phonebook which relates to the business you’re endeavoring to get into, somebody will be keen on you. On the off chance that you don’t get any starts to apply, at that point ensure you call these businesses consistently until the point that you get an application. Most as a rule, after a call or two, you can appear face to face and they’ll readily give you an application.

The application is an awesome begin. When you have finished it and returned it to the business, it is essential to understand the interest isn’t finished. It is very prescribed that you call the business consistently to beware of the status of your application. On the off chance that you do this, your chances of getting procured are great. Now they will know your name when you call. They’ll feel as though they know you. On the off chance that you do this with different businesses, you will get enlisted. Make finding a vocation, your occupation until the point when you get one. You follow? Consider yourself your own representative. You’re working for yourself and your occupation is to discover a vocation. Much the same as a work specialist, yet you’re going about as your own operator.

It’s not a terrible plan to begin on an extremely section level premise. By this I mean taking work at any fast food or retail organization that will enlist you. This gives you the chance to build up some work understanding to use on your applications. These occupations can be so natural to get just by going by the area and making a request to address the supervisor or whoever does the enlisting. Disclose to them you are occupied with working for them and you have no work involvement. These individuals are generally eager to procure you since they manage passage level workers constantly. They comprehend you require an occupation however have no involvement.

Tips to creating background preceding work:

On the off chance that you have no work understanding yet need something you can put on your application that will help get your foot in the entryway, at that point perhaps you ought to consider volunteering with a charitable gathering. I’ve known individuals who did this and landed some incredible positions from it. You just volunteer at your nearby destitute safe house, soup kitchen, beneficent mission, and it gives you some work involvement to use on your applications. Make certain to advise everybody you converse with amid your volunteer administration that you’re searching for a vocation. You never know when somebody may know somebody who is employing. The general population who volunteer at these spots truly deal with each other. They’re great individuals attempting to help individuals. You can’t turn out badly there.

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VoIP Solution Advantages for Business

VoIP is an awesome answer for any business. VoIP telephone frameworks are an imperative arrangement offering a practical means for long separation call costs that everybody is scanning for.

One of the real points of interest of changing to a VoIP arrangement is that it costs fundamentally not as much as most conventional telephone utilities. In the event that you select the VoIP equipment arrangement rather, you’ll be introducing a converter box called an ATA (Analog phone Adapter) that will be appended to your rapid web association. When utilizing an equipment VoIP arrangement, you PC won’t need to be on with the end goal for you to make and get phone calls, in spite of the fact that your Internet association should be dynamic.

In the event that you need to lessen your telephone charge, and appreciate the comfort of chatting on a typical telephone, broadband phone will be the least expensive VoIP arrangement. The excellence of VoIP innovation is it has consistently joined an Internet Protocol that empowers your telephone to be anyplace – this is an ideal answer for organizations with remote/satellite workplaces who wish to have one uniform telephone framework for all representatives paying little heed to their area. Thus, in case you’re a private venture individual searching for a moderate and simple answer for your correspondences issue, this truly is an extraordinary choice. On the off chance that you are recently beginning your independent company, VoIP telephone cards will give some kind of transitory arrangement until the point when you can manage the cost of a superior framework.

There is just a single broadcast communications arrangement that has the adaptability and capacity to guarantee business coherence and to keep business interchanges running in a noteworthy debacle – VoIP facilitated PBX benefit. A skillful IT office, together with help from the VoIP specialist co-op or VoIP affiliate will have the capacity to actualize Authentication, control get to (passwords and firewalls), encryption, a review logging of calls and, if fundamental, recording those calls.

VoIP facilitated PBX benefit is a greatly improved answer for those with dynamic ways of life contrasted with the cost of phones and additionally being the ideal answer for versatile workers and those whose employments require much travel. Other than offering a modest answer for organizations to spare a huge amount of cash on their long separation charges (the standard telephone charge for one office in a worldwide organization can be a huge number of dollars, if not more, in only one year), VOIP offers includes that are not available with standard land line telephone utility (now and again alluded to as “POTS” or plain ol’ telephone utility) without the expansion of costly, exclusive programming/equipment mixes, for example, PBX units.

These decreased call costs are obviously accessible to organizations that actualize a completely focalized VoIP arrangement utilizing IP telephones or “delicate telephones” on their PCs or PDAs. (Link broadband get to is a suitable arrangement here and the expanded cost in link get to ought to be balanced by the diminishment on your month to month telephone charge). In accordance with industry insight and forecasts, the following scope of PBX item is a VoIP arrangement with the basic PSTN passage that ask the clients to make the huge jump to VoIP.

You’re certain to locate a reasonable arrangement with the perfect mix of cost, elements, and quality that you’re searching for. The determination of a VoIP business arrangement is a noteworthy choice. VoIP portal’s will give the answer for a business that needs to make a fractional, or continuous responsibility regarding new joined innovation and can blend and match as required conventional and IP phone frameworks to their advantage.

In the event that you business is hunting down the most cutting edge arrangement accessible for current communication that is likewise the most financially savvy over a period traverse as meager as one year, you ought to consider a VOIP arrangement while setting you up organization’s IT plan and correspondence frameworks.