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~ A Lesson To Rivers APC

Erudite Hon. Barr. Worgu Boms wrote:

The English language, which grew out of a sub-dialect of the German language, has become the world’s language with all its squirm and squirk!

Two examples:
1. A shotgun means the opposite of what the name implies!
It is actually a LONG, yes, long gun that fires a lot of small metal bullets (called shot) and used especially for shooting birds or animals.

2. The meaning of ‘Tomboy’, defines a kind of girl, not boy!
‘A tomboy is a young girl who enjoys activities and games that are traditionally considered to be for boys’.
Why they didn’t call her Tomgirl or call boys with the equivalent behavior Tomgirl, drives home the point we are making.

Despite all that, the Language has come to rule the whole world!

According to Bill Bryson, in his Book titled ‘Mother Tongue’, The Story of the English Language, “what immediately sets English apart from the other languages is its rich vocabulary”.
“Altogether, about 200’000 English words are in common use, more than in Germany, (184,000), and far more than in French (a mere 100,000).”

Bill Bryson, the famous author (if you read just one of his many books, you’ll beg to read anything he writes! Some persons are exceptionally gifted!!) then makes this valid conclusion based on the above:
“The richness of the English vocabulary and the wealth of available synonyms, means that English speakers can often draw shades of distinction unavailable to non English speakers “.

I agree!

Jules Feifer once drew a strip cartoon in which the down-at-heel character observed that:
“He was first called poor, then needy, then deprived, then underprivileged, and then disadvantaged and concluded that although he still didn’t have a dime, he sure had acquired a fine vocabulary!’ ”

This is one beauty of the English language, we cannot deny.
One thing, that same one thing, depending on the context, can be called a phenomenon or philosophy, or creed, or Spirit, or modus, or modus operandi, or modus vivendi, etc etc and you are still referring rightly, to that same one thing!

This is the beauty of English language, we cannot deny.
We take this beauty in English language for granted.
But when we remember that other notable languages lack this beauty, we should appreciate this beauty more .
The French, for instance, cannot distinguish between ‘house’ and ‘home’.
To us English speakers, we know of deep difference between the two.
The Spanish can’t differentiate a ‘chairman’ from ‘president. ‘
Italians have no equivalent of ‘wishful thinking’.

As one authority on the subject authoritatively observed; “English is the only language that has or needs books of synonyms like Roget’s Thesaurus.
Most speakers of other languages are not aware that such books exist.”

Thabo Mbeki studied Economics in London.
By all standards, he is well educated.
Nelson Mandela was a lawyer. He studied both at Forte Harry and Witts.
Both governed South Africa one after the other in quick succession.

Jacob Zuma is not in their class of the highly educated and urbane.
Zuma is not a university graduate.
Zuma was like a street boy involved in some kind of unionism with trade unions and ventured into politics where he became loved by the vast majority members of the party despite his contrasts to Mandela and Mbeki

When it was time to run for the presidency of South Africa under their party the ANC, Zuma made clear he was interested.

Left to Mandela and Mbeki, they would never allow him.
They would fight him to finish!
It was obvious.
It was clear.

You can watch the video of the ANC congress again and the speeches.

But it was also clear that Zuma, degree less and urbane-less, was the choice of the rank and file and hoipolloi of the party, the ANC and that without Zuma, the ANC would be politically imperilled!

“Should we oppose Zuma out of our own personal prejudices and lose the election, seeing that the people want him,’ Thabo and Mbeki reasoned.
They submerged their huge, personal, valid prejudices against Zuma and allowed the process and the people to decide and today, the ANC, is still politically thriving!

The duo of Mandela and Mbeki, like many South African politicians and political observers knew very well, that the ANC had a formidable racist enemy white party and group, waiting on the wings for the disintegration of the ANC to take over power.
They factored all these into their calculations on Zuma and decided not to suit themselves, but the party and its suffering blacks and members they had the burden of history to lead.

They didn’t go on to instigate the party Faithfuls against Zuma

They didn’t go to the public abusing Zuma as a drunkard or a tout

They didn’t even tell the public what it already knew about Zuma, that he was not as educated as they.

They didn’t go about publicly reminding the people how they, privileged and having governed, how when they were in office, they were chief benefactors to Zuma, the tout, who had no degree and how he would have died of hunger had not stepped in.

They didn’t even remotely suggest that the so-called uneducated Zuma was ungrateful for dreaming to be president which they, lawyer and London-trained Economists had been!

They wisely surrendered to the wishes of the people and the time for the sake of the much needed political survival of the ANC.

This attitude of Mandela and Mbeki towards Zuma and the ANC is the opposite of what played out against Andrew in the House of Reps.
Against the eponymous Andrew in Andoni.
Against the eponymous Andrew again and the APC Rivers in the gubernatorial.

What do you call it, knowing that the English language is rich in synonyms?
Is it ‘spirit’, ‘philosophy’ ‘Phenomenon’, ‘mentality’ ‘creed’, ‘misusing operandi’ ‘modus vivendi’ in APC Rivers (that is opposite to the spirit mentality etc etc that Mandela and Mbeki exhibited in ANC) that we should strive to exorcise in Rivers APC.
(I didn’t say ‘exercise’,
I said ‘exorcise’)

This is the crux of the matter in APC Rivers: not glib peace talks.

Not expectations of ministerial or other federal appointments Which must come, anyway.

How do we exorcise the spirit, the mentality, the philosophy, the modus ( whether operandi or vivendi), (add your own synonyms for which the English language is famously rich!) that politically hobbles the Andrews of APC Rivers, to the detriment of the entire party?

This is the crux of the matter.

Written by Alex Donald Ekuh-deezua